Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Little Scooter...

Being a mommy is so much fun! I'm so proud of my little man! Wylie is finally jumping on the crawling bandwagon...well, sort of.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Enough said...

My mom just sent me this picture that she took while she was out visiting a couple of weeks ago.

Why Audrey loves to dance around and shake her bare toosh, I don't know, but she kept running around, saying "take a picture, take a picture!"

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

We had a wonderful Easter yesterday. We went to church in the morning and were joined my Michael's mom, brother, and step-dad. The message was awesome (good job John!)
After church we went over to their house for an easter egg hunt and yummy lunch. The weather was beautiful and we all had fun. As soon as we got there, we took a quick family pic cause Wylie was super tired and fading quickly!
He is obviously a little young to hunt for easter eggs, but Audrey had fun searching with her cousins Carson and Coby. I helped a little cause Audrey wouldn't have had a chance up against those 2 boys!
Here's a picture of all us girls, outside watching the kids play. Grandma Mary was there too but somehow she didn't make it in the picture :(
We bought Audrey her first "BIG GIRL BIKE" this weekend and she has had so much fun learning to ride it! Of course she was most happy about the fact that it is pink...her favorite color. She really hates wearing her helmet though cause she says it hurts...even though I'm sure it doesn't. So we tried to entice her by making her a little jealous and having Wylie wear didn't work. He just ended up looking like a sissy boy ;)
Oh, I forgot to mention that friday night was my first night away from Wylie! Michael's mom and step-dad kept the kids over night for us. We went out to dinner at Olive Garden in Temecula and were able to sleep in until 9:45 the next morning! It was divine!! I was a little apprehensive...but it worked out great and both kids did really well! Thanks Amma and Papa!

The mommy paparazzo

My little "Sullivan celebrity" is getting sick of the darn paparazzi...always invading his space, up in his face, trying to get a good shot!


Here are a couple of pictures from Michael's trip to Mexico last week.
The group was able to build this small home, from foundation to stucco, in 4 days! Amor, the organization that they worked with, had 20+ homes being built in that same area last week. I am so impressed that all of these kids would give up their spring breaks to do all of this work!
Here is the group of teens and a few adults from our church (Community Christian Church)...along with the family that they built the home for. The blue structure to the right was their current home, so now the family will be able to use both buildings.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I was just thinking back on what I have consumed today and it really is gross! For breakfast I had a frappaccino and a huge buttermilk spice muffin...

Then to calm my jitters from all that sugar, I scarfed down a 10 piece nuggets, fries and soda from McDonalds for lunch.

And then of course, Michael and I are going out on a date tonight and going to dinner...I'm sure that won't be healthy! Ick! Good thing nursing burns 500+ calories/day!

Maybe I should start exercising!

Visit with Grammy and Papa

Prayers were answered...Michael and his group have returned safely from Tijuana, Mexico. They had a great time working together and building the house...but I think they are glad to be home, back in their own beds and enjoying warm showers (and I'm glad to have my hubby home!)
My parents got an early start on the road this morning, heading back home to New Mexico. I'm always sad to see them go...I sure do wish we got to see eachother more often! Although I wouldn't blame them if they were ready to be kid-free for a while (and by kid, I mean Audrey). Lets just say she was a handful while they were here! She really wouldn't listen for anything! I feel like I was constantly having to discipline her. But, despite all the meltdowns, we still had a lot of fun...and I am SO thankful for all their help while Michael was gone! (Grammy and her kiddos)
My mom brought a lot of fun things for her and Audrey to do together. We all built this cute little bunny house. Audrey was very specific and precise about where she wanted each peice of candy to go (hmmm, wonder who she gets that from!)
My dad was very busy the whole time they were here. He, along with our friend Jacob, built 4 alters and a communion table for our old church. They turned out beautifully (wish I had a picture to show!) Audrey had fun out in the garage, playing with papa's pile of saw dust and building towers out of the scrap wood.
We had a good time visiting our old church for their grand opening at their new facility last sunday. Audrey had fun playing with Kamryn while we were there.
As I stated earlier, my parents were a huge help! My mom helped me give the kids all their baths...and of course (as any good grandma would) she turned each one into a photo shoot.
Oooh, Audrey had sooo many tangles that night! This smile soon turned to tears :(
Grammy made this adorable pillowcase for Audrey (an early easter present). Mom, you're getting more and more creative!
Yesterday, Audrey had a big play date with her friends Kamryn and Olivia. They decorated easter eggs and had SO much fun!
Here is Kamryn decorating her egg.
We all chowed down on Grammy's quesedillas afterwards. What a fun day!

Friday, April 3, 2009

All My Children...

No, I'm not talking about the soap opera...I'm talking about all of my "children" that rely on me as their mama. Mia obviously didn't feel like posing, Sully, as usual, wanted to be the center of attention, and both of my human kids were probably thinking "Mom, just hurry and take the picture already!" I just figured that it was about time that the dogs finally made it in the blog.BIG NEWS...our little man Wylie is finally sitting up on his own. It took a while (after all, he's got a lot to hold up...just look at that head! and no, I didn't photoshop it, it just looks incredibly large in this picture). He is working on his crawling too. He can get up on his hands and knees and rock a little but then just falls back to his tummy. I'll keep you all updated cause I know you're just dying for the latest!
Audrey loves her brother...she loves being his little mommy...and she is such a big helper!

Oh, I have to mention something that Audrey said recently. She said "When I grow up I'm going to marry daddy cause I love him SO much!" and then she went on about how she was going to wear a pretty pink dress and a princess crown. I didn't think it would be very nice of me to break the truth to her by saying, "Sorry chick, he's mine! Find your own man!"

So, I've mentioned before how Wylie thinks that Audrey is the funniest person ever. So when I saw this yesterday, I just had to grab my camera and capture the moment. Man, I love my kids!

Remember to keep Michael and the rest of the group in your prayers throughout this next week while they are in Mexico. They leave tomorrow morning and are hoping for no rain. After reading Zach's blog (our youth pastor) I've found out a little more about who they will be builiding the home for..."The Salomon family lives in a home primarily constructed of used lumber, a dirt floor, and a roof made out of tarpaper. If you’re not familiar with tarpaper, think of a really thick, large role of construction paper that preschoolers make crafts with. You can imagine that won’t protect well when it rains even a little. They do not have electricity, drinkable water, a telephone, a car, or a refrigerator." I'm so proud of Michael and everyone else who is giving up their vacation to go and help this family!