Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 37th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!
I love you guys and I am so thankful for the example you have set of what a wonderful marriage looks like. I know marriage isn't always easy but you have honored the promise that you made to God and to each other 37 years ago. By watching your relationship, you have taught me that a healthy marriage requires love, compromise, communication, forgiveness...and a lot of prayer (especially once kids are thrown in the mix!)
(ok, I might be pushing it just a little...but I want you to live a LONG time :)
Oh...and I hope this picture is ok. I had to search through 4 years of photos for a pic of just the 2 of you. I didn't think you'd want a full-body shot of you in your swimsuits floating around on the internet (plus I didn't want to blind anyone with dad's glowing skin) so I cropped it :) Hope your anniversary is as wonderful as a day on a Grand Cayman beach! Love you!!

Happy (belated) Father's Day!

We were out of town on Father's Day so this post is a little late!

Here is a pic of my precious kiddos with their precious daddy...

I love you Michael! Thanks for being such a wonderful father to Audrey and Wylie! They are so lucky to have you to laugh with, play with, and learn from! A relationship between a child and their father is SO important, and our kids will NEVER have reason to question your love for them!

...and Dad, I am so grateful for the relationship that we share! I couldn't have asked for a better mean the world to me! Thanks for being such a great dad and Papa! We sure do miss you! In fact, Audrey told me this morning that she wanted to call you and tell you that she was eating your cereal...and then she went on to do her (very good) Papa impersonation. It makes me laugh every time!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

Audrey is a crack-up!

I have received a few emails today from Miss Nancy, telling me funny little things that Audrey has said throughout the day. Just thought I'd share...

Her first email said:
Audrey is drawing a picture of her family. She said "I am going to draw a sister because I don't want a brother anymore". I asked her, where would Wylie go, where would he be? Wouldn't you miss him? She said, he will be at your house and I will see him every day at YOUR house.

Her next email said:
Audrey!...She is funny. She is walking around with a pink play cell phone and talking to you. She brought me the phone and said "do you want to talk to my mommy"? I said, I can talk to her when she picks you up later...she said "here, I will put you on speaker phone"! I am still laughing!!! Yes, I did speak to you on speaker!!!
She is still talking to you and said "mommy, can you hear me now, I miss you sooo much"!! Oh, that little girl!
Thank you for sharing your babies with me. I am so blessed.
Love, Miss Nancy

Ahhh, she is too funny! Thanks for sharing these special little moments, Miss Nancy! Keep 'em coming!