Friday, November 20, 2009

I know its been forever since I last posted...and I don't have a ton of time right now...but I thought I'd just throw a few of our recent pictures up on the blog...just for kicks!
Last weekend we went to Sea World with our friends Sarah and Troy Sherman, along with their cute daughter Lucy. I only took a few pictures (and only of our family), so here they are:
(Sarah took a lot more pictures than I did...and if she'd ever update her blog ;) then I could take some and post them on here) (hint hint, if being pregnant is a good excuse) haha
Here's our newly updated picture by the tide pools...its our little tradition
Here's a pic from a recent play-date with Kierstyn and Bailey. As you can see, Wylie was a lady's man that day. Don't really know where his shirt went...hmm...
More pics of my sassy little stinker
It'll be a while till I post again cause we're flying to New Mexico tomorrow. We're looking forward to spending the week with my parents, brother, cousins, aunt, uncle, and papa...and celebrating thanksgiving as well as my brother and dad's birthdays.
On a sad note, it'll be a little different this trip because my parents just recently had to put down their dog (and companion) Addie, due to her very aggressive cancer :(
We'll miss you, Addie! She was a wonderful dog, and definitely part of the family!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Game Day

This is what happens when uncle Dan gets my kids all riled up...
They eventually turn their attention to someone else, and it just so happened that auntie Sara was in their path. She didn't even stand a chance against the 2 of them.
Wylie is obsessed with teeth lately. As you can see, he thought Sara's were quite intriguing! Grandma thinks hes gonna be a dentist.
Anyway, Sunday was the Charger/Raider game and in addition to having Sara and Dan over to watch the game, Lindsay, Chris and their kids Chaelyn and Talon drove up from San Diego too.
Sara, Lindsay and I grew up together, so we have a blast whenever we get together to laugh and reminisce.
Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the 3 of us but I did get a pic of these cute little buddies!
Talon is 17 months and Wylie is 14 months. They are both major thumb suckers...its so cute (for now). Not only does Talon suck his thumb to sooth himself, but he twirls his hair on the crown of his head. He is such a doll!
After the game (sorry raiders!), we all headed out front so the kids could run around...and when I say "kids," Dan and Michael are definitely included! Chaelyn and Hayden (the cute little boy in blue who lives across the street) are both in kindergarten and kept having races against each other. That girl has got some speed!
Uncle Dan, Daddy and Wylie all say hi to the camera...
And here is my cute little man at the end of the night, playing in the back of daddy's truck. You don't think he "flipped me the bird" on you?

"Trick or Treat"

Have you ever seen a more adorable fairy princess?
I know I haven't!
Or a cuter, chunkier little clown?! Look at how his hat scrunched down his little ears...haha! I just want to eat his little cheeks!
Audrey was TOTALLY in her element dressed as a fairy princess! She twirled her hair, curtsied, and cast magical spells with her magic wand. I'm sure she'd wear this costume every day if I'd let her!
Wylie, on the other hand, screamed when he was put into his costume. Michael said he'd cry too if someone put him in this ridiculous get-up! I think he looked like a little doll though!...even if he wouldn't leave his hat on.
We went to Miss Nancy's for a little halloween get-together with her other preschoolers and their families. It was so fun to see all the cute little costumes!
Audrey's "boyfriend" Hayden dressed as Darth Vadar. We went trick-or-treating with him and his parents later that night around our neighborhood.
My Sullivan Sweeties :)

Pun'kin Patch

On Halloween afternoon we took the kids to the pumpkin patch for some family fun...
Who would have thought it'd be 85 degrees! So much for fabulous fall weather.
We had a great time was had by all!