Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pics (continued)

Here are my parents along with Pat and Howard Ours, enjoying the beautiful Alaska scenery. Don't they look so proper and refined...
until you see these pictures!This is my personal favorite! HAHA...I love you Howard (please don't hate me for posting this!)
On friday night, we enjoyed a date night with Sarah and Troy Sherman. We had a blast at the Angels game (actually I had a blast talking...I hardly saw any of the game...go figure).
Loved the fireworks at the end!
Saturday we went to a little Kids Museum in town...
Here is Michael living his dream of being a police officer
Thats one cute chick!
Audrey and Mama putting on the fireman boots. I thought it was fun till Michael reminded me of all the other nasty feet that had been in the boots before mine...YUCK!
Here is my little man on the grocery scale (they have a cute little exhibit where kids can pretend they're grocery shopping)
Later that evening, outside enjoying the cooler weather
Sister and Brother...
And here is the project that I made with my dad, out on our back patio...although it still needs another coat of paint. What'cha think?!

Pics, Pics and MORE Pics

K, so my mom just sent over several pics from their visit with us, as well as their trip to Alaska. Just thought I'd share!

Audrey having fun at Papa's expense:Daddy enjoying the sprinklers with the kiddos...
...although Audrey wasn't too sure about the whole experience. She didn't move from this spot!Turns out my kids are really nice when you give them frozen yogurt :)
Jammy time...
Like I said in my last post, a few weeks ago Wylie was JUST about to start walking...what happened?!
Looks like Audrey took over Wylie's new toy...
and someone wasn't too happy about it!
Grammy wanted to take a picture of us dancing, but obviously Audrey didn't want mommy to dance with her! Am I too old or something? I mean, look at that form! a swan!
We were able to get together with a lot of family while my parents were out. Here are Mema and Papa with all their grandkids (except Corey) and great-grandkids (including Jerry-Dog)My immediate fam (minus the hubby...he was working) Oh, and of course I put dad to work while he was visiting...but this time I was his assistant. I had come up with an idea for a project and...well, you'll have to check the next post to see how it turned out!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Since my last post...
- My parents left :( Although they didn't go straight back home. They took off on an Alaskan vacation (just a tad bit jealous)
- Wylie had his official 1st birthday
- Wylie stopped nursing (moment of silence please...Mommy is still adjusting to this one...I feel like they go from babies to kids when I'm done nursing :(
- I turned 28
- Wylie got ALL of his 1-year shots and I had to take him to get his blood drawn (on my birthday). Turns out he's slightly anemic.
- Wylie got sick (and Audrey got it a little bit too)
- They got me sick (UGH! Not fun!) We're hoping that dad can steer clear!
- Wylie bashed his lip on sister's bed. Blood went everywhere. Now he's fine but he looks like he got sucker-punched.

We're still waiting for little man to start walking. It seemed like he was SO close a couple of weeks ago but I guess he's decided that crawling suits him just fine for the time being. Same with talking...a while back he was saying Mama and Dada but now he has resorted to some sort of caveman-like grunt. Although he is waving, clapping and pointing a lot now. As soon as I got him up yesterday morning, he told me exactly where to go by pointing the entire way to the kitchen. Food is his #1 priority lately!

I've been really bad about taking pictures lately but here are a few that I haven't posted...and I actually have some on my other computer that I need to post too...put it on the to-do list!

Here's a pic of papa and Audrey when my parent's were here. We went out to lunch and Audrey decided to throw a major hissy-fit and my dad took her outside to give her a "talkin-to." It kinda gave me flash backs of being a little girl and getting in trouble...scary! (this picture is pre-hissy-fit)

All the little kids sang up on the stage at church 2 sundays was very cute. Audrey didn't really sing though...she just wanted to stand there and twirl her dress and pose for pictures...such a princess!

Here's a pic of Miss Nancy and the kids at the park last week. We met up on thursday morning and she did a cute little project with the kids and read them a story...she's just too wonderful!

And you can tell by the sweat on Audrey's head, it was a REALLY hot morning! I'm ready for cooler weather! (don't worry, the car wasn't in motion when I took this picture. she had just crawled in her seat and hadn't got all strapped in yet)