Monday, August 24, 2009

More party pics

Just got several more pictures from my mom-in-law :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Saturday was Wylie's first birthday party...FUN...FUN...FUN! We had tons of family and friends over to our house to celebrate our little man's big milestone. Thanks to all of you who drove from all over So means so much that you came!
Here is our little man in the jumper. I was really surprised how much he loved it! I think he felt like one of the big kidsWylie's opening presents and reading one of his birthday cards with mamaHe got SO many fun new "boy toys" and we've been playing with them non-stop since the party...and by "we" I mean him and Audrey. There is definitely a "toy war" between the 2 of them. Why is it that as soon as one kids picks up a toy, that is the ONLY toy that the other kid wants. Can't we just all get along!
Here are our yummy cupcakes.
Wylie was kinda upset at first when we took him away from his new toys, stripped his shirt off and put him in his hi-chair, but as soon as he got that first little nibble of frosting, its like he was in another world. He polished that thing off within seconds...although half of it ended up in his lap...(cue the next picture)so we stripped the rest of his clothes off and threw him in the pool. He had a blast splashin around and showing off for his group of picture-taking spectators
Although it wasn't Audrey's bday party, she was still SO excited! She had been asking for days and day when Wylie's party was (probably cause thats when Grammy and Papa would get here too). She and all her little friends had fun playing in her room (it looked like a tornado had hit when everyone left)! Daddy had fun in the jumper with Wylie. In fact I think that Michael and uncle Dan enjoyed the jumper more that the kidsThanks Dan for all the beautiful pictures you took!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby Karleigh

Yesterday afternoon I took the kids over to our friends Zach and Kristi's house. They just had a precious little girl last week, and we just couldn't keep ourselves away any longer! Michael and I were able to go see them in the hospital (sans kids) so Audrey has been DYING to see baby Karleigh!
Once we got there, I put Wylie down for a nap in Karleigh's crib (hopefully he didn't feel too emasculated by the pink bedding...which was actually Audrey's bedding when she was a baby, handmade with love by Nana Kerry :) Then Audrey and I were able to give Kristi a break from baby duty to get some work done...and we had so much fun lovin' on this little lady! Audrey was definitely being a baby-hog in the beginning but then she finally let me have a turn.
Its hard to believe that just a year ago, Wylie was so tiny like this! Why does the first year have to fly by SO fast!?! I think holding her probably took care of any "baby itch" that I may be having...especially after hearing about all of the long sleepless nights...UGH, I DON'T MISS THOSE! Good luck, you guys!!

Oh, and here's the little print that I made last week for Karleigh's nursery

Monday, August 17, 2009

1 Year Pictures

My little boy is almost ONE! I can't believe it! We have Wylie's party coming up this saturday...and my parents and brother are coming out from New Mexico...yeah! We're very excited!
So...I've been putting it off since he was born, but this last weekend we went and had family pictures taken. Since Wylie's almost one, I knew it had to be done!
So here's a picture of my big boy! Isn't he just a doll!
And here are my cute kiddos together...
Wylie would NOT sit still! Every time we'd put in down next to Audrey, he'd crawl right away...and boy, is he quick! So, this is the best pic we got of the 2 of them, even though Wylie's not smiling (I think he has a piece of cereal in his mouth) and Audrey has her fake (I'm only smiling cause mom and dad keep barking at me to say "cheese") smile on.
And here is our family pic...its the best one we got. I think Audrey was just so distracted the whole time cause we were all trying to get Wylie to look at the camera.
The reason I've been putting off family pictures is kinda selfish but its because of my dumb bell's palsy. I really don't notice it much in my day to day life cause I try not to focus on it, but when I smile it is most obvious cause my facial muscles tighten up and it makes my eye squint and my smile crooked...and since I didn't want to be the only one frowning in our family pic, I knew it would show up a lot...which it did...until I photoshopped the picture (one of the perks of being a graphic designer). I didn't photoshop my smile at all...I left it crooked but I did "open up my eye" a little bit (yea for technology). I kinda feel like a cheater for doing this (maybe that's why I'm admitting to it in my blog) but I just didn't want to look like a freak. UGH...I am SOO ready for this to go away, although I'm coming to the realization that it might not...ever. I woke up with it the day before I delivered Wylie, so it was August 26th of last year. Most cases typically go away in a month or two...but here I am almost 12 months later. Maybe God is trying to teach me patience...or humility. I guess I should just be thankful for the progression that it has made...cause it was HORRIBLE in the beginning! Good thing I had a new baby to distract me and keep me busy!

Friday, August 7, 2009


I came across these pictures the other day while going through old boxes...and I just had to share.
These were taken the day we got our new dog, Addie. I had just finished my freshman year at PLNU and Sara (see first pic) and I had just returned from a missions trip to Africa. Anyway, I was home for the summer and had the idea to get my dad a new puppy for father's day. So my mom, Sara and I headed to the breader's house and picked out this adorable little ball of fluff.
The next morning my dad came home from the fire station and SURPRISE...he had a new puppy! As you can tell in the picture, it didn't take him too long to fall in love with her.
Little did I know, she would replace me as his favorite "daughter"...just kidding...i hope!