Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Monday!

I realized this weekend that I almost never take pictures of my kids while they are sleeping cause I don't want to risk waking them up...but I just couldn't resist when I saw my cute little man all tuckered out during his nap yesterday.

On Saturday afternoon we took Audrey to get her hair REALLY needed it! I think she felt like a big girl in her chair. She got a balloon when we left, which made it all worth it!Me and the kiddos at Ms. Nancy's...I know St. Patrick's Day was a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to post these, and they're just too cute not to share. Here are Audrey and Hayden with they're cool shades.
And Wylie "chillin" with Ms. Nancy

Friday, March 27, 2009

Almost the weekend!

Well, I don't really have much to blog about today but I feel like I should anyway. So, I woke up late this morning. My alarm went off at 4:45 but I must have shut it off and passed out again. I woke up 45 minutes later...oops! So I told Michael that he was gonna have to handle getting Wylie up and dressed this morning cause I was running so late. But then Audrey woke up and started yelling "MOMMY, DADDY!" so he went in her room and she was in her bed, with throw up in her hair and on her jammies and bed...poor little lady! She must have gotten sick after she went to bed last night. Come to think of it, she wasn't interested in her dinner at all last night.
Well, its finally friday and I'm looking forward to the weekend! We don't have much planned, we're just going to get things done around the house and get Michael's things ready and packed for mexico. He's leaving next week to go down there with the youth group. They'll be working with an organization called Amor, and spending their time building a house for a family in need. He went last year too and had an awesome time! Lots of hard work but some amazing memories! Please keep his group in your prayers...(I'm kinda nervous with all the crazy stuff that has been going on in mexico). I am lucky to have my parents coming out to stay with me and the kids while he is gone. Last year Audrey and I stayed on our own, but this year, with 2 kids, I'm up for any help I can get!
Oh, I just remembered that on Saturday night we're going out with our friends Mindy and Chuck for sushi...can't wait! Mindy's mom Paula (my boss) is watching the kids while we enjoy a night on the town! We rarely "go out" so when we do, its a special treat...especially with such good friends!
Wylie has been teething like crazy lately! No new teeth, still only 2, but he is drooling like a fountain. You can't even hold the kid without getting drenched. It doesn't bother me too much but Michael says the drool is the thing that he likes least about having a baby. Does anyone have any good ideas to help with this awful teething period?
I have a few pics that Michael's mom took of the kids last weekend at her house. We took them over there so we could get a few undisturbed hours to clean the house (never a fun task but it feels so good once its done!) As always, they had a blast playing with their Amma Christine and Papa Hans!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Visit with the cousins

Last weekend, my cousin Meghan, her husband Brad, and their baby boy Zachary drove from TX to visit us for the week. She is a teacher and he is a student so they had the week off together for their spring break.
We had a fun time and took some cute pictures of the kids. I know in the coming years, Zachary and Wylie are going to have a blast playing together, especially since they're only 5 weeks apart.
not really sure why this picture is sideways but oh well...
the boys in their bumbo seats
On Wednesday, we were all able to go to Sea World together. The weather was BEAUTIFUL and as always, we really enjoyed taking the kids to Sea World. This was Wylie's first time and he was SO good all day!
Here he is at the Shamu show...
and here he is pulling Audrey's hair (if you know Audrey at all, I'm sure you can imagine her reaction!)

Daddy and Audrey in the Polar Bear cave
Cousins on the manitee
The sea lions are my favorite exhibit. We love feeding them fish and hearing them bark...they are SO pushy and jealous! It reminds me of our dogs, always fighting for our attention!
Every time we go to Sea World, we take a picture at the tide pools. We first took Audrey when she was about 6 months, so you can see the progression from picture to picture...and now here is Wylie at 6 months...
(man, I have chunky babies! Look at those legs!)
After Sea World, we met Auntie Sara at Miguel's for dinner. Here she is with her little man (notice the drool spots on her shoulder. Wylie is teething again. He just got his second tooth)
Yesterday we got Wylie's new BIG BOY car seat. After getting it installed in the car, I came to the conclusion that we need a bigger car! Too bad thats not in the budget!
And finally, here is a random picture of our silly girl Audrey :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Here's the update!

Ok, so I know its been a long time since I've posted a blog so I'm just going to summarize whats been going on in our lives. Well, lets see...since my last post, Wylie has had a couple of drs appts. The first one was with an ENT who was checking his tongue cause he is tongue-tied. For those of you who don't know, it just means that the connecting tissue (the frenulum) that holds the tongue to the bottom of your mouth is connected right behind his teeth. The doc said that there are a couple of reasons this could be a problem, a few being: speech development, not being able to clean his mouth with his tongue, a lot of times it can cause trouble with nursing but obviously that hasn't been an issue. Anyway, he said that if we would have brought him when he was a newborn, he would have clipped his frenulum right there in the drs office but since he is bigger now and more active, we're going to wait a year (till he's 1.5 yrs) and then he'll be able to put Wylie out for the procedure (which he says takes less than 5 minutes). So, it was nice to get all that figured out. Then a few days ago, he had his 6 month check-up. That doc said everything looks great, that he is very healthy, and he is in the 95th percentile in both height and weight. We are very thankful for our BIG, healthy boy who just got his 1st tooth! Can I just say though that teething SUCKS (specifically in the middle of the night!) On another note, Wylie's most recent thing that he LOVES doing is squealing. He sounds like a stuck pig! I think he just loves to hear himself...he's probably sick of his sister making all the noise.

And speaking of Audrey, I think she might be bi-polar! Not really, but its just that last night while we were getting the kids ready for bed, she went from cracking up laughing to crying hysterically probably about 5 times in 10 minutes...can you say "mood swings"! Wow, it was exhausting! Wylie and I just kinda sat back and looked at each other like "what is her problem?" But other than that, Audrey has been getting a little bit better about her sassy-ness...or maybe we're just getting a little bit better about avoiding the things that make her tick. I'm just looking forward to the changes that this year will bring in her maturity and understanding of certain situations. She did get a special belated birthday present from her great Aunt Aleta this weekend that she had a blast with! It was a little cookie set that lets her prepare and "bake" these pretend cookies in her little she just had a blast with that (I should have taken a picture!) And she also had tons of fun with Auntie Sara who was stayed with us for the weekend (since Dan is still in Australia). Sara talked me into going for a jog with her on Saturday morning and lets just say that it wasn't a pleasant experience! I am SO out of shape! and I am crazy soar! I think I need to follow Michael's lead and exercise more often (once a month would be an improvement for me!) Michael has been working out like crazy for the last 2 months and has already lost like 20 lbs...good for you babe! I'm proud of you! Here's a picture of Michael bench-pressing Audrey...

And here is the only other picture that I've taken recently (I've been a slacker) and its of Audrey playing dress-up with Mia. That poor dog will put up with anything!

Oh, wait, I lied...I have one more picture that Miss Nancy sent me the other day when she was watching the kids. She said that Wylie is our little leprechaun :) Sorry its a little blurry, it was sent from her phone.