Friday, July 31, 2009


Ok, so its been a long time since my last post...i've been a MAJOR slacker! I don't have any excuses, but at least I've been taking pictures along the way!
Lets far back do I need to go?
Here we are at the beach a few weekends back. We had a fun day, just the 4 of us. Wylie tried to eat the sand...hmmm, that was interesting! By the end of the day Audrey finally started to get used to the water and sand...lets just say she's ALL girl (she never got used to the step at a time!) I basically had to force her down and plop her in the sand to get her to dig with me...then she started to enjoy it. (Notice that I made her sit in the sand but I sat on the mat...shhh, she didn't notice :)

For the last several weeks Audrey has been taking swim lessons from our friend Emily. She is catching on, slowly but surely. In the beginning she would cry hysterically but now shes starting to enjoy it more. I think she'd be able to swim all by herself if she'd just start to move her arms more. She's doing great with the kicking though. I wish we had a pool for her to practice more! If you look closely you can see her little pouty faces...she was over it by the time I brought the camera out...but at least she faked a smile for the last picture

I had mentioned a while back that I've been slowly fixing up our home office. This is definitely a multi-purpose room. As you can see, it serves 3 purposes: exercise room, guest room, and home office.
My dad built the desk and bookcase for us several years back (thanks dad!) and my mother-in-law was nice enough to sew the pillows for me and help with the valance.
The photo collage next to the treadmill is a recent addition. I just took all my old frames that weren't in use and spray painted some of them. Then I had my printer guy that I use for work print up a few of my favorites. I like the way it turned out!
Another recent project was putting the scrapbook paper under the glass desk-top. I found a cute paper and pieced together several sheets, then trimmed it with ribbon. It really lightens up that side of the room.

Here are a few shots of our living room/dining room/entry hallway (all the same area). The latest project in this room is the vinyl lettering (in the first pic). It says "Speak kindly...Care deeply...Love generously...Pray faithfully" Words to live by!

These pictures are of our great room/kitchen area. My dad and Michael built the fireplace mantel and the media built-in just after we moved in a year and a half ago. Nothing too new in this room...oh, except for the lamps. I told Michael that I wanted those for our anniversary. Romantic, I know ;) Don't blame him though, it was my idea.
(the color in the 'kitchen table pic' is kinda off for some reason)
Speaking of our anniversary, Michael and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary this past Sunday! Yeah! We dropped the kids off at Michael's parent's house (thanks a million you guys!) and headed out to a FABULOUS dinner at the Melting Pot in temecula on saturday night. If you've never been there, you must! Its pretty pricey (but we ate for free because we had gift cards...again, Yeah!) The food is amazing!
Its a fondue you start out with your cheese fondue along with the breads, veggies and apples to dip in it...YUM! Then you get your salad, then move on the the meat portion of the meal. Our platter had lobster tail, steak, pork, chicken, shrimp and mushroom raviolis and you cook it all in a broth there on your table. It was fabulous. The the meal ends with a BANG when they bring out the dessert platter. I'm sure I'll forget some of the goodies but I know it had strawberries, bananas (both my favorite), cheesecake, marshmellows, pound cake, brownies and you dip them all in the yummy chocolate...OH MY GOSH...its SO good!
So basically you do nothing but eat for about 2 solid hours...and love every moment of it!
Ok, moving on, the next day (our actual anniversary) we spent a VERY relaxing day at Glen Ivy. This is the only picture that I got of the day, but here we are after covering our bodies in much fun! It was so nice to hang out with my hubby all day long (without being interupted), in such a beautiful, relaxing environment!

Ok, little man Wylie is almost one! I can't believe it! The past year has flown by! In a lot of ways it makes me a little sad that my baby is growing up but mostly I'm just excited cause he is so much fun as he's getting older!
I just designed his b-day party invitation, so of course we had to do a little photo-shoot to get a recent picture of are a few of the pics.

...and here is "sassy sister" who was SO upset that I wasn't taking pictures of her...just Wylie. So finally I took a picture of her, and here's what I got.
And (drumroll please) here's the final invitation...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun Day!

I had a FUN day off yesterday with the kids!
In the morning, while Wylie was napping, Audrey and I made some fabulous blueberry muffins. Ahhh, I'm so little lady is turning into a "domestic diva" just like her mommy :) HAHA...yeah right!
Then we headed over to my friend Lindsay's house for a playdate and yummy lunch. Lindsay and I were great friends in high school, so it was WONDERFUL to finally get together and catch up (it only took 10 years!). She has FOUR kids...look how cute they are! (well, her oldest daughter McKenna wasn't there...but I saw pics...she's really cute too :)
Here is Audrey playing dress-up with Kalia, David showing off his big batman muscles, and the 2 babies, Damon and Wylie. Lindsay and Joe just adopted Damon from South Korea 1 month ago. He is just a doll and a great addition to their family!
Thanks for such a fun playdate!

So after we got home, my mother-in-law came over and she and I put together a new window valance for our home office. It turned out so cute! I'll take pics soon.

So, it was a very busy day but it sure was fun-filled! Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! Not really sure what we're gonna do but I can't wait to spend time with my cute lil' family!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Alrighty...I was "tagged" by Sarah to do this, so here it goes!

Eight things I look forward to...
1. September 27th-October 4th! I'm going on a cruise w the hubby! Just the 2 of us...yeah!
2. Finish decorating our home office
3. My bell's palsey going away! (wishful thinking)
4. Our 6th anniversary next month. We're going to Glen Ivy for the day. SO relaxing!
5. Getting a jacuzzi in the back yard (maybe when its closer to winter time)
6. Wylie learning to walk
7. Days together as a family
8. Seeing my parents when they come out for Wylie's bday

Eight things I did yesterday...
1. Drove thru starbucks 
2. Went to work
3. Was given (actually loaned) a nice Mac so I can do design for our church from home. It has a HUGE screen! (my neighbors can probably read what I'm typing right now ;)
4. Ate frozen yogurt for dinner after the kids went to bed (don't tell Audrey!)
5. Watched that Brad Pitt "Benjamin Button" movie with the hubby. It was good but SO long!
6. K, I ran out of things that I did yesterday so I've moving on to today. I took Audrey and Wylie to our friend Emily's house for Audrey's 2nd swim lesson. 
7. Instead of laying down while the kids were napping (like I had wanted to), I spent about 3 hours trying to get all adjusted to this new computer and trying to get the darn printer to work.
8. Had a yummy spaghetti dinner with the fam.

Eight things I wish I could do...
1. Be organized enough to ALWAYS have balanced meals every night (I copied this one from Sarah)
2. Enjoy cooking
3. relax more often
4. Decorate without having to pay for anything
5. Get a travel trailer (one day! Can't wait for those fun family trips!)
6. Have summers off with my husband and kids (like you lucky not fair!)
7. Enjoy exercise
8. Live in the same town as all of my family and friends (I miss you all!)

8 Shows I Watch:
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. So you think you can dance
3. American Idol
4. Jon and Kate Plus 8 (so sad...I think those 2 just gave up!)
5. Amazing Race
6. Private Practice
7. One tree hill
8. Anything that is on HGTV

I tag Heidi K. and Quinn! Get to it girls!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My latest creation...

I've had the urge to decorate lately...big time. I have so many ideas that I want to try! The only thing is, my house is already decorated so I've been finding fun little things to curb my urge :)
Yesterday I tackled a blank wall in Audrey's room and came up with this cute little arrangement. The wall has been bugging me for the last year and a half cause I just couldn't figure out what to put there. I like the height of the molding but makes it awkward to hang any pictures, etc. So, I made this work! Audrey loves it but she can't quite figure out exactly what it is. She keeps saying "hmmm, maybe its easter eggs" or "maybe its flowers" or "maybe its humming birds" (have no idea where that one came from!) Personally, they remind me of Dr. Seuss trees.
Oh, and my husband was happy too cause it was a cheap project. We already had the letters from her nursery, so all I had to buy was a few sheets of scrapbook paper and a roll of ribbon.

NEXT PROJECT...sewing pillows and a valance for our "office/guestroom/workout room." Then after that...well, I've got more ideas but I'll just keep those in my head for now cause Michael gets nervous when I start talking "projects."