Monday, January 24, 2011

6 weeks

For those of you who don't believe its possible to show when you're only 6 weeks pregnant, here's a picture to prove you wrong.

I guess I could have saved money on the pregnancy tests and just waited a few days!

So far I've been feeling really good...very little nausea, not too tired...COMPLETELY different than the other 2 pregnancies (but then again, I'm only 6 weeks...things could change at any moment).

Audrey is SUPER excited. She kisses my belly like 5 times a day. At night, right before going to bed, she kisses my belly and says "goodnight sweet baby, i love you." And she is really good at reminding me to take my prenatal vitamins :)

She's also very excited to share a room with her brother. Papa (my dad) has made bunk beds for them to share...very similar to the picture below, except he made drawers to store underneath the bottom bunk...Have I ever mentioned how awesome it is to have a dad who is an amazing carpenter?!?

I, of course, have been having tons of fun planning their room and picking out all the fabric for their bedding. Since we won't know the sex of the baby for quite a while, their room will keep me busy in the mean time. Here are a few pictures that are serving as a bit of inspiration for their room. We're gonna keep the walls really neutral with a "board and batten" wainscoting treatment on the bottom, and a warm grey paint on top. Both kids will have matching striped comforters (made by me and my mother-in-law...well mostly her, but I'll be there to keep her company :) and then we'll have some fun, bright pillows...kinda like the ones above, but different fabric (obviously the stripes will go on Wy's bed and the floral on Audrey's). My dad made the kids an easel...just like the one above...for Christmas, so that'll be in there. Oh, and we're gonna put rain gutter bookshelves on one of the walls too. Audrey LOVES to read, and Wylie is really starting to enjoy it too, so it'll be nice to have all their books easily accessible.

Wylie, as usual, has just been going with the swing of things. You ask him if he's gonna have a new baby and he gives you the typical "uh-huh."

Oh, speaking of Wylie...we've been taking him to speech therapy for the past 12 weeks or so...and he's starting to make major progress! He's to the point that he'll pretty much repeat any word you ask him to say (depending on his mood), which is a complete 180 from a couple weeks ago. Now I'm not saying that you can always understand the words, but at least he's willing to try. We're very proud of our little man!

Well, thats our update for now...I'll try to post more belly pics from time to time.

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