Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just a few quick pics to share

Its been a few months since I've posted any pictures on my blog, so here ya go! My kiddos are getting so big!
These were taken last week when Michael's parents took Audrey and Wylie to Knott's Berry Farm. This one is my favorite :)

I'm sure most of you already know but we found out we're having another little boy...yeah! We're super excited. I'm 18 weeks now. Almost half way there!

I've been feeling pretty good for the most part. I'm still having morning sickness but I have found the WONDER DRUG!!! A couple months ago, my dr prescribed Zofran for my nausea and it is amazing! As long as I take it every morning before I get out of bed (and lay there for at least 30 minutes or so) then I don't throw up...which is wonderful! Where was this drug during my other pregnancies!!!

Another fun thing I'm dealing with already is ankle swelling. Why the heck its happening this early in my pregnancy, I have no idea. Just for fun I guess.

Every time I go see my doctor, she tells me that I should slow down on my weight gain. Just what every pregnant woman wants to hear right? Don't they know how sensitive I am emotions are all over the map!

Speaking of emotions...I'd say that the typical non-pregnant Me is pretty patient and easy-going. Hmmm, yeah, not so much any more. My poor kids. They get the worst of it. Its a good thing they have a short memory and 30 minutes after I snap at them they hug me and say that i'm their favorite mommy in the whole world...(when in my head i'm saying "thats cause I'm your only mommy in the whole world!")

Anyway, on a more positive note, I love feeling my little guy move around in my tummy. I am so excited to meet him. The only thing between now and then is one heck of a HOT summer!

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